Thursday, February 27, 2014


  After the Sunday afternoon meeting of the Lace Study Group, I feel so much better.  As I waited for the others to arrive, I had this feeling of dread.  I just wasn't getting it!  I knew they were going to sit me in the corner with the pointed hat on my little white head!  Then, guess what???  They were feeling the same confusion!
  With this sense of renewal, I'm going to start my lace gamp again....working through each example.  Then, the whole thing will get wet finished to see the lovely results!!!!
  Maybe the lightbulb will go on after all!!!


  In the meantime, I'm all packed up for my trip to the Museum of Appalachia in the morning.  Along with the Inkle loom, I've got the jig to make more heddles for the Rocker Loom.  The new warp will have 80 more threads, so I've got to get busy and tie those beauties.  I tied 10 last week....only 70 more to go.

  I did get a new warp on the Inkle Loom....Lady Vol colors once again. 

  I took the warp off of the little RH loom that I warped for last week.....I didn't like the way it was weaving.  Isn't it funny how some things don't weave up the way you think they will?  Not to worry....this yarn will get used in a later project...probably as weft.

  This is my favorite sign of renewal....spring flowers!  They are later than usual up here on the Ridge, but they sure are a welcome sign.  Would you believe the S word is even in the forecast AGAIN????  All things in their time, eh? 
  The good news is that the wintery weather is forecast for Friday night.....the Museum trip is ON!!!!  They will have a fire going in that big old fireplace, and it will be cozy inside in the cabin.  I'll get to weave and daydream about warmer weather!!! 
    Oh....and talk to the kids about weaving!!

Happy Weaving!



Theresa said...

Lou Ann I know exactly how you felt. I'm waiting for the epiphany to hit on how to get the heddles on Big Sal without a huge tear down. The answer is out there I'm sure!
Spring flowers sure seem like a very welcome sight and not yet even March!

Maggie said...

My daffodils are only a few inches high yet; no blooms! Must be warmer on the Ridge than in the city!

Tina J said...

Love the Vol pattern on the Inkle loom. My daffodils shot up last week, but no blooms yet for me on the other side of the ridge!