Monday, December 26, 2016

Tops Done!!

I didn't write last week. I didn't have any pictures to show you. With all the Christmas preparations, it just didn't happen. Today, now that things are calming down and DH is off today, I talked him into coming outside, standing on the landing at the back of the house and holding the Christmas quilt top. It's not very big, just 60 x 70 inches. I was supposed to add a border but I kind of like it the way it is, so that's how it's going to be.
Close up, it's a 30s Christmas theme. I fell in love with this fabric when I was up at Missouri Star Quilt Co in July on my trip north. It's called Storybook Christmas, I think, if you like it enough to want some. I have extra that may end up at my sister's place incase we want to sew a couple of throws for her family.
So DH decided that the other quilt was too long for him to just hold it, so he went in to get a step stool. Guess who decided to come to the door to check things out.
This is the best picture I could get and Meg moved. They are the cutest!!
Then they heard DH coming from around the house and Belle really got excited trying to see him. 
So he stood high on the stool and tried to hold the quilt. It's 80 x 80 so there was no way for him to hold it out completely. That's why I always like to take pictures up at my sister's home. There are always a couple of people that can hold it for me! So this is the 30s quilt I worked on forever! Quilt top done, I decided to make the center the focal point and have all the tiny squares circle around it. Each block has 22 pieces so it took awhile to cut, then sew before putting the blocks together. So here it is!
If you look carefully, you can see a box frame on the top deck. So we got a new bed for our spare room. My sister told me about using the box springs from a mattress as a trellis for morning glories or moo plants to train up so we're going to try that. We'll dismantle the frame and see if we can make it work in the garden.
It was fun to piece, once the little four patch pieces were done. Chain stitching sections made it easy to do. I do like how it turned out.
This morning I finished assembling the backing pieces for both quilts. Because they're so big, I don't have the tables to set up to layer them with the batting and pin. So when I get the chance I will press them really well, then take them to the center. I've got risers to bring  the tables to a good height and then use painters tape to get the backing nice and taut before putting the batting down and then the tops. Pinning them really well, I'll be able to bring them home to machine quilt as I have time. Should be fun.
Another thing I want to do is finish weaving the warp on the loom. I still haven't tied it to the front so that's the first job, then get going weaving.
For Christmas I got the Downton Abbey series so I shall watch it from the beginning. I have seen the first two seasons but that's all. It is good to see the whole series in order. I shall sink myself into the show, enjoy seeing the clothes, pausing for a break to stretch my back and looking at some of the clothes with the show on pause while weaving. Win, win! 
Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Next weekend will be another one to celebrate. Tomorrow is weaving again. Yes, we meet during the break as well! Then just a few days to see how much I can get woven before the weekend! 
Until next week, keep weaving!!


Theresa said...

WooHoo! And they are lovely..and big! Kitties are pretty cute, even though I know like all cats they might be plotting the demise of the human race... ;-) Or at least some mice.

Maggie said...

Those girls have gotten big!