Friday, December 23, 2016

I was sure I posted about our Museum day last Friday, but I didn't.   So today we will go back in time but just one week.  LouAnn and I were invited to demonstrate for one of the local elementary school trips.  A couple of weeks before we had found that the fireplace in the Peter's cabin never did warm the cabin sufficiently for our comfort, and since the temps would be even colder for this gig, LouAnn called  the day before to see if the school trip was still on and if there might be some adjustments we could make to our normal set up, and there were.

We set up in the Heritage Hall, a building we had never been in before, and we were pleasantly surprised with a beautiful set up.

 For us there was a nice warm fireplace in a space that was almost made for our type of demo.   While we waited for the kids to start arriving we toured the lower floor of the building.
The building itself is full of musical instruments from days gone by, including an extensive hand made banjo collection. (One made from a metal bedpan!)
There were also some modes of transportation, including a buggy and a hearse.  Then there were  the doctors and dentist offices all decked out for you to marvel at, and we did, I may have even shuddered at the thought!

I had brought my trusty Mayville spinning wheel, made by the Mayville Furniture company of Wisconsin.  I am currently spinning a Jacobs fleece into a very fine single for a fine 3ply yarn.  Now that the weather has turned colder, LouAnn brings one of her small portable looms to weave on, today she brought her Sample it loom warped with wool.

It was just one school this time and we were soon finished and packed up.  We lunched at the lunch counter again today and yes, we did eat pineapple upside-down cake again!  Then we headed home to our respective to do list.

We are ever closer to Christmas,  I hope that your celebrations bring you joy, Tina

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LA said...

I'm looking forward to visiting the building again! I went through the lower floor rather quickly, and I'm sure I missed some items. I'm sure we'll be back for another visit soon.