Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Looking Forward to the New Year

Although we had several weavers out for Christmas vacation, we had a hardy crew show up in the Studio today.  We were just in time to see our brand new cone winder in action!

  We often buy large cones of bamboo and 8/2 for our projects, and this means we can wind it off into smaller cones.  What a time saver when you are winding a warp for a project or for dyeing!!! 

  The Ladies were all lined up in a row:  Sharon is on break, so she could be with us today.  She brought along her rigid heddle loom to work on her project.

  Ms. Ila was working upstairs in the shop today, so the back row was missing one of the Ladies!  But, work continues on the scarf projects.

  Lanny finished one scarf, and he'll be ready to start a new one "NEXT YEAR." 

  You can see the finished rug winding up on the cloth beam.  That's another blue jean rug that Carl is weaving.

  Even Carol got in on the weaving today!  She finished up the mug rug warp that we wound for the Foothills show.  There are 13 mug rugs to be hemmed and wet finished!!!

  Frieda finished up her scarf this afternoon and cut it off the loom.  She'll be getting it ready to go upstairs for the New Year, too!

  Jocelyn did finish threading her shawl warp today....she even worked through lunch!!!  Weaving will begin next week!!!

  The towel warp on Tina's loom was creeping slowly up from the back beam.

  It wasn't long until I heard that she was ready to cut off her warp, too!  There were 12 towels on that warp.

  I wandered upstairs to the shop to see how the dogwood throws were displayed...they are near the front, and within reach of fingers that need to touch!  You really don't see the dogwoods until you are closer.

  A new year and new projects await us........

Happy Weaving!

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