Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Oh Happy Day!

Although it was a drizzly, chilly day outside, it was very festive inside at the Center today! 

Happy Birthday, Carl!!!

  Today is his 91st birthday, and we all helped him eat some cake!  That's Tina's pineapple upside down cake in front, and my chocolate cherry cake behind it. 
  After lunch, we jumped in and got his new warp wound on the barn loom, which means that he'll be weaving more rugs next week!!!

Elsewhere in the studio, you can see the pattern that Molly is weaving for her towels.  That's her sample at the bottom...and, yes, she found a boo-boo.  But, that's why you sample, right???

  Marie was kept busy with bookkeeping duties.  We had a great November upstairs in the shop.  The items that sold have to be noted on the inventory sheet.  And, that pesky bank statement has to be balanced, too!!!

  Pat has returned from grandma duties at the beach, and after she worked on a bag of donated blue jeans for Carl, she sat down to weave her special placemats.  She's hemstitching on this one. 

  Karin has started working on the next set of towels.  These are some red butterflies.....wonder what color she'll use for the next towel???

  Lanny is back from Connecticut, and was right back to work on that lovely Jaggerspun scarf.

  Linda and Betsy got some weaving done today, too.  Betsy was starting her fourth rug on this warp.  She has a little pink that she's adding in on her newest rug.

  Linda finished up the placemat on her loom, and cut off the finished ones.  There were 14 placemats on the cloth beam!

With Shirley out of town, that leaves Bonnie and Ms. Ila to hold down the back row.  Be sure to click on the picture to get a close up of the pattern that Bonnie is weaving on this scarf.  Amazing!!!!

  Yes....that's Ms. Ila under her loom getting those treadles tied up for her newest shawl.

   Joan and Frieda kept the other side of the back row moving along on their projects. 

  Anna was working on her pin loom while Christy wove on her Inkle loom.  Liz was back with us today to continue her sampler on the table loom.

  We all got to see the tuffet that Carol made last weekend, and it is truly a work of art!!!  But, more paperwork for her today!  Sharon got to peruse the new Handwoven...so many colorful projects to tempt you!!!!

You'd never know that it was a gray day here in East Tennessee, would you????    Inside, it was a happy place!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

We know where to go to find good food and friends on a grey day, now you do too!

Theresa said...

And reading about Tuesday Weaver's always makes for a Happy Wednesday morning!