Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Makin' Merry

Bonnie's quiche.
Harriet's stollen.
     I bet you think that all we do on Tuesdays is eat......and, you might be right.
  But, it is the season....for goodies!!!

Polly's sugar cookies.
Sharon's gingersnaps.

Goodies that we don't eat the rest of the year (as a rule.)

Anna brought Jelly Bellies.

Having a little snack at your loom is permissible this time of year, right?????

  Carl just went to his loom and started his new rug.  Blue jeans look great with this warp, too!!!

Jocelyn was back at her loom today -ready to wind on her shawl warp.  Karin and Tina jumped right in and helped get the job done!  Take a look at this beautiful shawl warp!!!!

The Ladies were hard at work at their looms, too.  Ms. Ila has started weaving on her shawl warp, and the colors are simply amazing.

   Betsy made some progress on her rug warp, too.  Those colors work well together.
  Polly got some weaving time today after she finished taking some photos for the shop.

  Ruth Anne and Liz are still working on their beginning warps....but, I think they are already planning what they'd like to weave next.

  My white throw warp finally came to an end!  I'll get the edges serged, and then a nice, warm bath before they get hemmed.

  Sharon and Marie kept busy around the studio...there's always something that needs to be done.

  There's always a lot of chatter and laughter while the ladies are working.  Joan and Frieda had a great time today!

  In fact....they had such a good time that Frieda had to stay late!!!!  (Not really....she realized that she had a treadling error, and stayed to fix it!)
  This is what happens when you've been makin' merry!!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Oh that stollen looks delicious. My Grandmother made Stollen. I really need to find a recipe and plunge in. You are right, that shawl warp is AWESOME! Hand painted?
So, with all the goodies this week, I'm wondering how many will be on display next week?