Thursday, December 8, 2016


  I have been trying all day to get down to the sewing room to get this cute mug liner done.  I love this fabric!  In fact, I made my son a pair of skater shorts from this way back when!!!  He'll recognize it, believe me!  And, his wife works at the zoo, so she'll enjoy one of these liners, too!
  I had a busy morning with lots of picky stuff to get done and phone calls to make.  I must have sent off a dozen emails and then had to wait for know....just one of those mornings.
  I did get a load of laundry in the washer before I rushed off to the post office.
  So, when I finally got back downstairs this afternoon, I decided to load the dryer before I started sewing.

  The clothes in the washer were clean....but, they were dripping wet!  Yep....the spin cycle is toast!!!  Thank heavens for the centrifuge!  But, it only holds a piece at a time, so, it took me awhile to get the load spun and in the dryer.  I was upset....this was not how I wanted to spend my time today!  
  Then it hit me.....I have a roof over my head, food in the fridge, and clean clothes to wear.  I do not have the right to be upset.  Toughen up, buttercup!!!!

  Yesterday, Tina and I drove up to Pigeon Forge to the Apple Barn for some lunch and a little shopping.  Since the wildfires, a lot of folks have stayed away, and the area is hurting for business.  We thought we could do our part!!!  Besides, we wanted a peek at those beautiful Smoky Mountains!!!

  Lunch was yummy, as always, and the folks that work in the restaurant and gift shop were as friendly as ever. 
  And, our quick stop at the local JoAnns proved very productive.

  On the local news tonight, they reported that 700 folks have already signed up for the My People Fund underwritten by the Dollywood Foundation.  This will provide some money for the people who lost their homes from the wildfires. 
  The Arrowmont staff is providing lunch (soup and sandwich) for the local community starting next week until the 23rd.  This is such a caring gesture to the people of Gatlinburg as they get it going again.
  It's all about perception......and, my cup is full of blessings.
I'll call about getting the dryer fixed tomorrow.

Happy Weaving!

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Tina J said...

Now I can see what you were talking about on Wednesday, love that penguin fabric!