Thursday, December 15, 2016

Spa Day

  For me?   I wish....

This is one of the dogwood lace throws that I cut off the loom on Tuesday.  I have gotten one edge serged, and the long tails of thread cut off the second one.
  I thought by now that it would be enjoying its very own spa day.  But, other things keep getting in the way!

   I love this weave structure!
  In fact, don't you think it would make a lovely shawl or scarf????

Maybe after the holidays I can test that theory.

Remember the coffee accident?

I will treat that stain before they get their warm bath.

  There are also a couple of places where I need to needle weave the repair threads.

  Since we are in for arctic weather the next few days, it will give me an excuse to stay put and get it finished.

Stay warm!


Tina J said...

I knew who to ask when I had my own coffee disaster, I have full confidence in your abilities!

Maggie said...

Lemon juice and salt works! That is lovely!

doris said...

Hoffe der Fleck geht weg, ist ein wunderhübsches Tuch