Thursday, December 27, 2012

Looking Forward To Looking Back

.....or maybe that should be "looking back to look forward."  Hummm.......

  Anyway, this is the time of year when we reflect on this past year and plan for the new year.  2012 has certainly been a fiber year for me, although I don't have a lot of woven items to show for it.  Learning to spin took some of my weaving time.
  Two of my teaching endeavors has led to a class that is coming up in January.  We often hear, "I've always wanted to weave."  That has led to little classes that give people the opportunity to weave.  My January class  will be a scarf class to introduce all the steps that go into weaving.  These are the flake cottons that I bought for weft for the scarves.  The students can choose two colors for the warp, and then we're off and running for a day and a half.
  My weaving notebook has several pages of projects I want to weave in 2013.  Some of the projects are for me to learn a new weaving structure, and several are items that I want to weave for the sales next Fall.  And, there are always the old favorites that I enjoy weaving!  (My cousin reminded me at the family get together that she didn't have anything that I had woven!  Uh-oh!!!  This would be a good time to do a set of mug rugs in double chariot wheels!  I've been wanting to try that one.)
  I got the chance to talk with Tina yesterday as we went to Kingston to pick up a loom.  Not only do we weave for the Fall sales, but there are all kinds of things we want to try.  The trick seems to be balance. Getting ready for the upcoming class cuts into my play time....but I do have more than one loom!
  I'll keep looking at my brand new calendar, and I'll pencil in reminders to try that double weave project.....and a little summer-winter project....and a few more that I'm dying to try.
  What's on your calendar for the new year????
Happy Fiber Fun!


Tina J said...

Very nice weft! I look forward to seeing how the class goes! You know me Lou Ann, first on my list is a little order in the Studio, It looks like a tornado hit it!

Linda said...

You bought a new loom? What kind?

Maggie said...

That yarn looks like fun!

Bonnie said...

Wow! Already looking ahead for next year. I am trying to finish up this year. Third thing on my agenda list is to get my studio cleaned up. To make room for company, I took all the stuff from the living room and just sit inside the studio on the floor.