Tuesday, May 25, 2021

It's A Village!





Another new weaver!!!  A warm welcome to Crystal as she starts her weaving journey!  You've come to the right place!



  It's always great to see Linda.  She's getting ready to leave for Kenya for a mission trip.  I can't wait to hear all about it when she returns!



Guess who else popped by???  Cathy and Paula are ready to get back to weaving after taking some time off.  We're so glad they'll be with us again!!!!



  Take a look at Bonnie's new knee!!!  You know what that means.....she's ready to weave!








Mary is back from her travels, and that means more placemats!





  Jocelyn is tying on her fall table runner warp.  This means she's ready to start weaving....YEAH!





 You should hear Marilyn's travel itinerary!  She's going on a scenic drive out west to get to her family reunion in Texas!  Another trip we'll get to hear about!



  The first scarf on Liz's loom is done!!!  (There's enough warp for one more!)  Liz will be twisting the fringes before she wet finishes.





It looked like a conclave back at Betsy's loom this morning.  Susan (on left) watches as Marie and Betsy wind on that colorful warp.





  Pat is all smiles as she weaves this "hit or miss" rug.  We do have a lot of fabric we need to use!






Marie's been busy at home.  What do you do with your leftover fabric???  Here's some great ideas!



 It was finally time to cut off the mug rug warp.  I only have one orange one in this batch, but there are ten more to go.

  I'll get them wet finished this week, and Carol can put them in the shop next week.

  We tried to get Linda to join the Tuesday Weavers, but she is going to decline for now.  The Beading group meets on Wednesday, so Linda was a day early!!!!  We could keep her!!!!

Have a good week!

Happy Weaving!


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