Tuesday, May 4, 2021

It Was A Dark And Stormy Morning


  This is what I missed seeing while I was waiting for the morning storm to pass through!!!  Liz was ready to tie up the treadles of her loom and attach the straps....thank goodness Pat had her phone handy and snapped the picture!

  Most of us had "storm stories" to share--nothing like waking up at 4:20 a.m. to a lightening strike near your house!  Some of us even had some hail.

   The Studio is our happy place on days like today! 



  Tina is through counting out her groups of three, and she's on to threading this warp for bumberet.  The colors are lovely, and I'm really looking forward to seeing this project unfold.

  Diane has begun threading her warp, and listening to all the talk about different projects and patterns.

....so much to weave....so little time!




    Patty has done such a good job with this mystery warp.  She added some stripes to extend the width, and got it wound on the loom.  Now....just get it threaded!




  Laura is getting ready for a big trip west!  We'll be able to follow along on her blog:



  I wonder if she added a small loom in her camper?



  Besides weaving rugs on the barn loom, Pat has been busy keeping minutes of our meetings at lunch.  It comes in handy from time to time! 





  Linda found the perfect mask to go with her blouse!  She finished up this towel, and she's going to use some brown weft next week.  




  Carol keeps eyeing these warps.  They were sample dye warps...about 150 threads at 10 yards long.  You can see the wheels turning .... so many possibilities!!!!

(Hey, Carol....there's an empty Pup!)






  The day finally arrived!  It was time for Betsy to cut off the towel warp! 





  Wow!  They look fantastic!

There are 10 (or 12) towels and one bread cloth in this batch. 

  Yes, Diane....you will be doing this before too long!

  I'm looking forward to a calm night.

Happy Weaving!


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