Tuesday, June 1, 2021

First of June!



  It's warming up around here (finally!)  So, today was lunch in the studio.

  We had a lot to discuss while we enjoyed our lunches.  

  Carol went over the Certificate of Excellence from  the Handweavers Guild of America....just in case anyone was interested.

Pat brought us up-to-date on rug stand for the shop.  She's on the Shop committee now, and that issue should get solved.

  There isn't a lot of space around the tables, so Shirley and Lou Ann ate at their looms.

  Patty and Jocelyn ate at their looms, also.  (It's still close enough to hear what is being said.)


  Mary has the best spot in the studio for chatting with the weavers!  Bobbins have to be wound.......right, Shirley???

I am so excited to see the weaving on this warp!  Patty is just doing a straight twill, and it really pops!




I just knew that Betsy's towels were amazing when I saw them on the loom....but, they are even more beautiful finished!!!!  Great job, Betsy!

 Linda has changed colors again!!!!  These towels have so many possibilities!

Now...this is a Kodak moment!!!  Gina has been weaving on her first warp at home, but her work keeps her from coming on Tuesdays.  She stopped by to get Carol's advice.

  Carol sent me a picture of Gina sitting inside the hatchback hemstitching!!!!!  Sadly, I can't download it to my computer to put on the blog!

A weaver just has to weave!!!!

Stay safe & happy!


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