Thursday, December 12, 2013

I'm Back!

  It has been an interesting learning curve.  There's nothing quite like getting up one morning and finding that your computer no longer wants to load Windows or go online.  Thank heavens for my Tech guy who now works out of his home, and could take my computer right away.  But, it was Saturday before I got my little red baby back, and other than my bookmarks, I didn't lose any data.

  I went on to the Museum of Appalachia on Friday.  Although it was gray and damp, a school group of fifth graders were making their way around the grounds.  Since it is getting too cold to weave in the Loom House, and I was getting near the end of that rug warp, I decided it was a good time to get the loom ready for the season.  They watched me finish off the rug that was on the loom, and I wove in two sticks to tie back to the front bar.  (You can just imagine their questions when they saw me lay in the sticks!!!)  But, I didn't want to have a nekkid loom on display for the winter!  I had some scrap material to weave back on the loom.  So, she is standing on display for the winter.

  I have warped the Inkle loom to weave on in the Peter's Cabin (next to the fireplace) for the next few visits.  Tina is going with me tomorrow--there will be 150 third graders visiting.  Tina will be spinning and I'll be weaving....could life be any better?
  I want to get my little slotted rigid heddle set up for this winter.  I need to rig up a backstrap belt and thread the warp through the hand tag.  I haven't done any pick up weaving before, so this will be a new experience for me.

  I will also be weaving in the Peter's Cabin this Sunday.  The Museum is having a full day of fun, along with a "bountiful Southern Feast."  I hope there are some musicians in the cabin with me!  There should be some interesting visitors, don't you think?

  For today, I need to finish getting the boxes for my brothers ready to mail.  Besides their treats from the Apple Barn that I picked up last week, I have a few homemade goodies to pack.  I would really like to get those in the mail soon!

I hope your holiday list is getting shorter...I'm working on mine.  Maybe I'll even get to one of my looms soon!

Happy Weaving!



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