Sunday, December 1, 2013

Here we are in the Holidays!

This time of year, the song, "Christmas Time is Here," by Vince Guiradli, from the Peanuts' Christmas special runs constantly through my head.  I play it on my ipod, "like" it on Spotify, and I play it on the piano. 
  On so-called Black Friday, I decorated my house for Christmas.  I bought the tree, got it covered with tiny garden implements and candy canes.  I got a wreath and poinsettias.  I had carols playing all day, and had a fabulous time. After 13 years in retail, I know exactly why it's called that, but I choose not to participate in it.  I'm having too much fun making gifts for people who mean more to me than an ugly acrylic sweater I got before I was trampled by 124 other people trying to get that sweater.
  We weavers, and knitters, spinners, sewers, quilters, and all who make things with our hands, are lucky.  We can give gifts from our hearts and hands and heads.  We think fondly of the recipients while our fingers move.  We can solve the world's problems while we craft that perfect gift, and listen to stories on our ipods or t.v.s. 
  I'm taking some time off from Tuesday Weavers, but I'll be weaving and knitting at home, getting my gifts ready--I hope!--in time to be mailed to some far off places.  And while I make them, I'll imagine their cries of delight, the warm feeling they'll get, knowing that I love them, and that I made something just for them.

So, while the raucous bunch in Norris is meeting and weaving and visiting, I'll be in the peaceful Loominaria, weaving and singing and looking out the window.  Have a wonderful holiday season, making whatever it is you love to make!

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LA said...

Are those towels I spy on Tootsie??? They look lovely! Your house looks like a Christmas card...enjoy!!!!