Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week in Review

This week I didn't get alot of weaving done. Thursday I escaped! A friend and I went to see the quilt show in Pigeon Forge. I like to go each year but don't always get there. This year we made it work! Besides the quilt show, there's the classes that tons of
people attend and the vendors. First, let me show you the quilts I thought were very interesting. This first one is an original design with chickens on it. I personally thought that this wall hanging was the best that was there. She used alot of different flower fabrics and they all blended well, but the best part was the chickens. These were almost lifelike in their presentation. It won my personal choice award!

Another wall hanging might not be technically as intricate but I liked the concept. It's a variation of the skydye that Mickey Lawler developed so well. I want to do some of these and somehow incorporate them into the weaving that I do. I have the fabric and paints, just waiting for the time to get it all out and do some fabric painting! It's actually a fairly quick way of painting on fabric with no wasted paint. You don't have to rinse and rinse and rinse the fabric! Just have to block off an afternoon or two to do it!

The bird wallhanging was just a neat idea. How many of us used to cross stitch? I know I still have unfinished projects that need to be done. Here someone had finished the piece and had incorporated it into a wallhanging. The applique around it was something else, too! I like the idea of merging different crafts to make unique pieces.
The vendors had every quilt book, pattern, notion, fabric and kit available, I think. We just absorbed it all and found a few things that had to come home with us. I have my favorite booths and usually am able to find something new in them that I can add to my stash. I enjoy making baby quilts to give to friends and I need to rebuild my supply so some of the things will go into the baby quilts.

So, why didn't I get much done this week? Well, not allowing DD to drive because of her knee, I chauffeured her to therapy and the gym as requested. Then her MRI was Thursday. Yup, she tore her ACL and abused a few other ligaments in there. We find out tomorrow what the plan is for surgery. Don't think I'll get much done tomorrow either......
Thursday midnight was the deadline for the birthmom to appeal her decision to have her baby adopted by our friends. She did not appeal it so the baby is Donna and her husband's. I think I mentioned that Donna used to weave with us each Tuesday. She'll be too busy now! I have begun to sew a baby quilt for that darling little one! As you can see on the picture, I made a template cutting out a 6 1/2 inch square inside the cardboard and I fussy cut all those squares that will be the center of 12 squares for the blanket. I hope to have it done by next weekend.
Last night we went over there to help them celebrate and I got to rock her to sleep. She is now, at over 2 weeks old, about 6 lb 9 oz. That's still smaller than my daughter was when she was born! So tiny yet so full of promise and potential!

I do want to remind you of LouAnn's post from yesterday with her contest to see who can figure out what we look like. We've enjoyed posting each week and having you read them. We never thought about labeling the pictures to help you see who is who but perhaps that might happen after this contest if someone guess us right!
I'm off now to finally read my Handwoven that came yesterday. I think our mail is the slowest around! So many ideas, projects and information! I began with double weave shortly after I began to weave but it was more to have the two layers and put a slit in the middle of the top layer. I wove vests in one piece without having to seam them. Worked great with wool and mohair but not as well in cotton. You wove with one shuttle for the body part, then three for the space where the arm holes were and then back to two shuttles for the shoulder seam plus one for the neck opening. Haven't done that in year but have some wool packed away that may come out one of these days in which case I"ll try that again!


LA said...

My Handwoven still hasn't arrived!! :-( The quilt show sounds like it was great. The "chicken" quilt is amazing.

Tina J said...

I am so tickled for Donna, I know she can hardly believe it!

I hope people realize that there are clues here and there in the early posts to help them figure out some of the blogging weavers.

My handwoven came yesterday, LA do you want my to bring it?

Theresa said...

Beautiful quilts, what a treat! I use to go to the big quilt show in Houston when I lived in Texas. It was always wonderful, overwhelming and expensive, but so worth it.:-)
Congrats on the adoption! And I am sure your gift quilt will be cherished. It looks delightful so far.
Good luck to the DD for her surgery.