Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Plan

Here we are. I cut the warp off my loom. I am ready for the next project. I have change my mind 3 or more times. Ok. I am ready. I know what I am going to try and attempt. Hey, guys. I need to name my loom. I don't have a name. I had Andy in mind, then thought that I would check and see what everybody else thought---any suggestions---please. It is a Nilus Leclerc. Back to my project. I want something fun. But, you know me. Nothing too simple. Here are my books I am using to plan. I have been reading about this for over a week. Now I am ready. I hope. I did a little on a project for Christmas. I am ready to tackle a bigger project using Double Weave. Maybe you can see what I am doing on the blurred books.

Here is the yarn I am using. The multi color is going to be the warp and the weft is the other 4 colors. If you enlarge the picture below, you might get a picture of what I am making. You are suppose to use different colors on the warp for the top layer and the bottom layer. I wanted to make it a bit more simple so I am using only one color. I don't see why it would not work. If any body has suggestions???? Feel free.

Maybe by next week, I will have it on the loom. I don't think that will happen. I am going to NC tomorrow to visit my daughter and my grandkids. Not much will be done. Getting excited about it now. Love it when a plan comes together.

Happy weaving. Bonnie


LA said...'re making the double width throw!!! You smartie!!!! Take lots of pictures so we can learn, too!

Anonymous said...

My workhorse is Nilus but the other one is Thelma because she used to own it. That's what my leclerc looms are called.
Not quite sure what you're doing with the yarn. Hope you're back by Tuesday so we can talk about it. Have a great time with the grandkids!

Sylvie said...

since it's a Nilus by Leclerc, which is made in Quebec why don't you call it "Andre" French for Andy (also my husband's name (he's from Quebec)

Maggie said...

Double weave is intriguing me right now, too. I'm thinking that's what's going on Jenny next when the lace towels come off. We'll have to compare notes. Have a good visit!

Life Looms Large said...

The latest Handwoven just arrived in my mailbox, and it's all about doubleweave. More temptation!

Love the colors you've picked!

Have a fun trip to NC!


Tina J said...

Bonnie, I can;t wait to see what you have cooked up. I think I have that book here at home, I am off to see if I can figure it out! Love the colors!