Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Caution-Busy Tuesday Ahead

Hey all, it's Tuesday again and the gang is all here! Ann is here cutting rags for rugs, Maggie is computer surfing to learn about "Fiber Forum",

Our dear friends Cathy and Paula stopped by to say "Howdy"!

There are conversations going on around the lunch table.

Looks like it was old home week, Jane came to weave with us today too!

Rugs are going strong, with Lanny, and Pat on duty. Carl is doing those springy green placemats.

Joyce is in the pink today! She is shhh, hemstitching.

Looks like Carol and Ann are planning a new project.

Ila is working hard on her placemats.

We were also happy to see Bonnie back and feeling good!

Wally and I are still trying to get that loom threaded for towels.

This morning,Lou Ann's son Nick gave us a short course on color, and how it works together. It is really a treat to have him close by so that we can learn from him.

Carol just told me that if everyone came to weave with us at one time, there would be 21 of us!

We really had a busy day today, visits from old friends, a class on color and we managed to get some weaving done as well. It was as fun as it looks.

Happy weaving, Tina

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LA said...

We really were BUSY! Lots of great projects in progress, and future events being planned!