Thursday, March 19, 2015

On The Homestretch

Yes....this is #12!
  But, I did put extra yardage on my warp, so I'll have a few more to do when I finish this place mat.  But, it sure feels good to have #12 almost finished.  (I'll still have to hem them, but getting the weaving done is great!)

  That means I can go ahead and wind the next warp....I have those mats to do for my niece to replace those I did a few years back.  And, I got a wedding invitation this, I'm thinking a set for the bride and groom. 

  Also, I have a napkin warp I will need to weave..........

Oh, boy....weave faster!!!!

Biscuit is holding down the purse project for me right now.  Since Scout has been here for Spring Break, the kitties have been in the front (and downstairs) of the house.  When I tried to sew this week, I was constantly moving a furry body to get what I needed. 
  The good thing is that all will go back to normal tomorrow.  I'm sure it will take them a day or two to get all their snuggles filled, and then we'll go back to being ignored (except when THEY want to be loved!)  Maybe they will help me sort the receipts for taxes.  I can only hope.

So, I'm going to celebrate being (almost) finished with my challenge warp, and push ahead to the next project.  Yard work will have to start soon............
Happy Weaving (and sewing!)

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