Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Spotlight on Ellen's Pattern

There was a lot going on in the Studio this morning! We had the students working away under Carol's direction.
Pat was cutting rugs off of the barn frame loom. I picked out a couple of my favorites!
Before we get to Show and Tell, I wanted to highlight our favorite go to pattern for table runners and placemats. They were named after one of the founders of the Appalachian Arts Craft Center and the head of the weaving department for years. From what I understand Ellen was a force to be reckoned with, and ran a tight ship. One of the patterns that she was fond of using was what we call Ellen's Pattern. It is a "crammed and spaced" project that has proved very versatile. We usuall have a loom with a white warp and a loom with a dark warp, usually black but we loaded a navy warp this last time. You can weave with 5 strands of 8/4 or cloth strips, whatever floats your boat! Right now we have 3 looms with Ellens pattern, Mark is weaving on the white warp, Dana is weaving on the navy warp and Joanne is weaving on the natural warp.
Now for Show and Tell! Linda brought in the warp she cut off with all the different textures happening. We thought it might act like Waffle Weave, but it didn't really. However we like it nearly as much! She had some issues with the green yarn losing color onto the white, but all in all it was a good towel project.
Liz did a beautiful scarf with some eyelash yarn as an accent. I managed an up close picture of that one.
Phyllis finished a scarf, isn't it a beauty! Liz made 2 more baby blankets, she is going to have a very fun year with new grandbabies! Joanne finished her very first start to finish all by herself project! Yay!
As all of that was going on we also had sign ups for next weeks potluck and I had the jar for everyones goals for the year.
That is all I have for you today, we will see you next week with lots of food and fun as we celebrate "Souper Tuesday", you wouldn't believe the spread we are going to have!!!! See you then, Tina, for all


Meg said...

Joanne's Ellen's Pattern is intriguing. The yellow(?) in the weft makes the pattern look like an acute-angle twill. Fascinating.

Leigh said...

Wonderful photos. Ellen's use of crammed and spaced warp sections is very clever.