Thursday, February 29, 2024

Projects Everywhere!

There is a lot going on in the Studio this week, projects coming off of the looms and projects going onto looms, then of course there is the preparation that goes along with rug weaving. I have always heard that rag rug weaving is a slow process that goes fast! Pat, who weaves on our huge barn frame loom is the proof of that saying. If you have followed us for awhile you will see that I post often of her taking rugs off of the loom and another warp going right back on the loom. Today was no exception, this time she has taken several shades of green and wound them together in random fashion to make blue jean rugs.
Paul is also in the rug making business, he has taken some time this morning to get more weft ready for his rug in progress.
Betsy is threading her new project, a color and weave gamp. We discovered last week how easy it was to open up the front of the loom so that she can get right inside the loom to thread!
Joanna is so close to finishing this placemat project! In fact before the day was over she had finished the last one and cut the project off of the loom! I guess next week she will have a new project in the works.
The cloth beam on Ruth's towel project is filling up, it won't be long before this project is also done.
Time for show and tell! We have a lot of creative people in our midst, not only when it comes to weaving! Paul made a new piece for one of my great wheels!
Dana made 4 shirts with zippers for a medical port for the son of one of her friends. Dear readers, she put zippers in knit shirts, when she had never put a zipper in anything before! I guess she didn't know that it was a hard thing to do! We were all impressed.
Pat brought in the latest batch of bowl cozies that she has been making from some fabric that Carol wove last year. She also brought in the pattern and directions for said cozies just in case anyone was interested in making some.
Jenny made a bag using some handwove fabric for a front pocket!
Linda came across a great deal at the local thrift store and she has already turned some of it into a lovely scarf.
Mark wove a placemat last week and saw that there was an error in the threading. He pulled the placemat off of the loom and he thought it might be an opportunity for all of Carols students to find the error in the woven cloth! I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but you can sure try!
That is all for this week, stay tuned for more projects to come. Tina, for all


Meg said...

Oh, that zip!!! Also the threading mistake - in the center/wide stripe by any chance??

Tina J said...

Meg, Nope that is part of the pattern, I tried to see the mistakes in the picture, but I couldn't get them to show up! For the record there was 2 doubled threads and 1 missed dent.

Leigh said...

Your studio is so wonderfully busy. It looks like almost every single loom has a project on it.