Tuesday, December 5, 2023

A Special Visitor

The word went out several weeks ago that today we would be taking a Christmas picture to update the blog photo. It was mentioned several times and I think that by looking at the new photo you can tell that we really did get into the spirit this year and that we had a special visitor that came by around lunch time. There are several rug looms in operation in the studio. Pat is on the huge barn loom and she is making rugs with random stripes. Paul is making rugs with a single weft color on the Hollywood warp.
There were a couple of warps that came off of the looms as well. Betsy cut off her bath towel warp and Diana cut off her placemat warp.
Jenny has wound her warp on the back beam and I told her she could now take the raddle off of the loom. (I'm not sure she believed me)
Liz is weaving with the cloth strips she was cutting last week.
Patty has made progress on the shawl warp she started last week.
Marilyn and Lou Ann were working on their looms, the patterns on their towels are similar, but the colors are different.
Just before lunch the door opened and who should appear...... bringing laughter and cheer, our very own Santa!
For Show and Tell there was the handspun wool fabric that we had recieved a couple of months ago. It needed to be disassembled and washed. Pat took care of that for us and it looks really! Jenny brought in some lavendar filled sachet that she had made from handwoven fabric.
That is all for today, see you next week, Tina for all

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Leigh said...

Those lovely rugs make me hope I can set up my Glimakra soon. Looks like you had a wonderful turnout. What a great looking group!