Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Cold Day and a Long Warp

Months ago Laura finished the long black warp on the Norwood loom, and it has been waiting for a new warp for ages! Now that the show is over and Thanksgiving is behind us we are going to get busy and do it.
We like to use long warps for our signature "Ellens Pattern" placemats and runners, and for long warps we need looms that have sectional warping racks built in. We usually have a loom with a white warp and one with a black warp, this time we decided to do a navy warp. Dana will be weaving on this warp and she has selected a group of colors that is going to be so cool! The navy is more true on the loom pictures than it is in the box picture. By lunch time we had 5 sections warped with 40 yards, and only 3 more sections to do after lunch. By the time I left at 2:30pm I had threaded the heddles. It is now ready for Dana to sley the reed and tie on next week.
Liz is working on weft strips for placemats. She has taken a length of fabric and made a tube out of it, now she is cutting around and around the tube to make a one long strip of fabric.
Time for Show and Tell! Joanna brought in some placemats she made especially for her oval dining room table.
Marilyn did some keychains using the Krokbrag method on her inkle loom! It is sheeps! I was so focused on the cute little sheep I didn't notice my little sister Amy in the background!
I finished another skein this last week, BFL spun in a fractal manner, low twist single and high twist ply.
That is all for today, until next week, Tina for all!

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Leigh said...

Marilyn's keychains are so cute! And I love the colors in your BFL skein. I don't recall ever doing fractal manner spinning. Something I'll have to try! I've never done sectional warping, so the photos are interesting. Probably won't ever give that one a try though.