Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Get Set!!!


  Remember all those warps that came off the looms the last few weeks?

  Well, they are stacked up and ready for Carol to inventory and tag them!  You can see Shirley's scarves, Bonnie and Patty's towels, Tina's throws and Laura's placemats!!!!  WOW!!!!

Carol was kept super busy today!  She lended a helping hand to Ruth,  Looks like there might be loose thread coming over the back beam.

Then Carol moves on the offer advice to Susan as she threads her new warp.  Liz is available to answer questions to our newest weaver, Karen.

  Carol had already advised Marie and Linda as they attempted to figure out the pattern on this table runner.  Marie is graphing it.

Marilyn brought her newest batch of woven bands, and Lou Ann decided that this key fob needed to go home with her.  A little money might have changed hands!!!!  Shirley also bought one of Marilyn's bands.

  Courtney was with us this morning, and she wound some weft for the next Dye Day.

  Tina took over winding warps this afternoon.  Carol has another Dye Day scheduled in the next few weeks.

Another donation!!!!  But this is rug weft that is ready for a shuttle!!!!  In fact, Patty picked out a pattern and started a new rug this afternoon.  (And this is just a fraction of what was donated!!!)

  Another day in the life of the Tuesday Weavers!!!!  What fun!

Happy Weaving!


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