Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Get Threading!

 Welcome to our newest weaver!  Karen has her warp wound and she's ready to move to the loom.  She'll start threading soon.

Nearby we have three ladies threading.  Shirley finished threading this afternoon!

  Betsy found a threading error, so she's doing some damage control.  

Pearl is counting heddles before she starts threading.

Here's a close-up of the cocoon she's wearing.  Of course, she knit it herself!!!! 

Since Bonnie finished her towels last week, she volunteered to wind more warps for the next Dye Day.

Shannon is threading her scarf warp while Tina was trying to get to the end of her warp.

And she did cut off her warp right after lunch!  (I think she was playing loom chicken!)

Susan cut off her warp of five towels!

Patty also cut off her towel warp this afternoon!

Laura is back from her trip, and she and Linda were weaving away on their warps.

And, Sharon and Marie????  They just keep doing what they do best!

  All in all, it was a lovely Fall day at weaving!  Warps coming off and going on!

Happy Weaving!