Tuesday, October 25, 2022

The Beat Goes On


  What you see here is intense CONCENTRATION!  Betsy is determined to get the threading finished on this warp.  

  Sometimes this is difficult due to all the activity in the Studio.

There is always so much going on around the Studio.  You can see Bonnie at the table looking at some structures for her next towel warp.  Karen is still threading her first warp...she's being very careful.  Sharon is working on the last bunch of books added to the library.  And Carol is tagging more items to sell in the shop (or at the Fall Foothills show.)

Patty is back to work on this Hollywood rug.  She's already dreaming about using blue jeans for the next one.  Laura and Linda find time to chat while they weave.

  It wasn't too long before Laura finished her placemat and she was ready to cut the warp.  There were 14 placemats on that cloth beam!!!  She serged the edges so she could take them home to hem.

  Last week Liz cut off her shawl warp, and today was a good day for twisting the fringes.  Susan is observing the process.

  I caught Ruth by surprise...but I didn't say "BOO!"

She's almost finished with her threading.

  Shirley emptied her shuttle, so it's time to wind more thread for the weft.  She's reducing the bulk where the new threads meet the old threads.

  Shannon finished her crammed and spaced scarf last week, and got her fringes twisted.  Now it's time to show off the finished product.

These two never get a break!!!  Marie backs up all the inventory we send upstairs and keeps track of items that the weavers bring for our special sales.  

  Sharon just keeps adding the books to the list:  over 1,700 so far!  (We do have a great library!)

  If you love children's books, then you'll be familiar with the book, The Rainbow Fish.  Peggy wove a mat with her rainbow fishes on parade!!!!  She promised she'll make more!

  Next week we'll need all hands on deck as we select items from upstairs to take to the show.  They will be inventoried and packed into tubs and loaded into cars.   The black grid panels will get loaded, along with all the other "stuff" we need to set up our booth.  It's almost show time, folks!

Happy Weaving!


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