Tuesday, September 20, 2022

On Your Mark!


  Here we go again!

In a little over 5 weeks, we'll be setting up for the Foothills Fall Festival.

  Dye Day last week produced these lovely painted warps.  Some will be for sale, and some will be used in the studio.

  Some of the warps were dyed by our members for their own use.


  Lou Ann is finishing up the threading on her shawl warp.  Those colors are so rich.

Patty is on her last (of 9) towel on this warp.  These will be ready for the show!


Ruth is winding a few more threads for her towel warp.

  Barbara is using five strands of 8/4 in shades of green on the white placemat warp.  (We need some more placemats for the Foothills show!)

  It was so good seeing Christy today!  We're always glad to see her.

  Sharon is still working on the book list!  (A never-ending job!)

  Patty has us all excited about the SAORI style hat!  Linda went home and wove this one....and Pat offered to model it for the picture.

  Several others have one on their looms now, too!  Just in time for the Fall Sale!!!

Happy Weaving, Fiber Friends!!!


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