Tuesday, May 17, 2022

It Seems Like.....

 ....we're always getting ready for something.

More finished items came in for the Emporium exhibit.  Patty has made sure that they each have tags and little write-ups.  A few projects are still on looms, but they are almost completed.

Although it seems like Jocelyn has been working on these placemats forever, just remember that this is the SECOND set she has woven.  (Sorry, Jocelyn...I caught you blinking!)

It just seems like Pearl, Shirley and Marilyn never move!!!  They were getting a lot done today!

Carol and Bonnie were deep in conversation....I did not interrupt!

It just seems like we spend a lot of time chatting....that might be true.  We have a lot going on around here!

Although it might seem like Pat is playing with the yarn like a cat, she is just helping Alyce untangle a cake of yarn.

I just love how we help and encourage each other!!!!

Happy Weaving my fiber friends!


1 comment:

Marie said...

We have such a special group. Always helping each other with warping and problems. I love Tuesdays!!!!