Tuesday, May 24, 2022

A "Golden" Day!

 Well, actually, make that a GOLDIE day!!!

That's Goldie on the right....she used to weave us way back when!  She lives in California now, and is in town visiting with family and US!!!  That's her daughter in the middle and Carol is on the left.  Goldie belongs to a guild in her area, and still weaves!

Say hello to Jayne, our new weaver.   She brought her rigid heddle loom to get it warped, and will start working on one of the table looms next week.

  Pat, Patty and Marie took advantage of the lower temperatures today to work in the old Annex.  We have many tubs of assorted yarns that need to be gone through again before they can be moved to the new Annex.

Shirley finished the latest scarf, and cut it off the loom.  There's enough warp left for a mobius scarf.

Then it was back to work for Shirley.  Sharen is weaving one of the "blue-green" rug mugs for the exhibit.  Marilyn and Lou Ann are working on their warps.

Bonnie finished this towel and she's ready to start a new color.

Marie made "ribbon candy" ornaments from some of her Inkle loom woven pieces.  The little hats were made by Polly.  We're getting a head start on our Fantasy of Trees contributions.

Patty wove the "Wildflowers" piece for her part in the Wilderness Weavers Guild exhibit.  She's a busy lady!!!!

Stay safe and happy weaving!


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Anonymous said...

WOW! Is that Goldie Pitrie? I'm a member of her guild (Redwood Guild of Fiber Arts) and never knew she was a 'Tuesday Weaver'. I love to read your posts every Tuesday evening and I LOVE that "Wildflowers" piece. Joanie Stevens