Tuesday, May 10, 2022


 Things in our world are a little crazy right now, but when I step inside the Studio on Tuesday mornings, I just SMILE!

Patty, Jocelyn, Betsy:  just weaving.

Marilyn showing Liz her pick-up project on her Inkle loom.

A close-up look at Marilyn's beautiful weaving.

Mary's using black weft strips now.

Marie IS a "shuttle pilot"...but, I wouldn't call Patty a "warped woman"!!!!

Gather 'round!

Pat and Patty showing their "blue-green" items.  (One additional color allowed.)

Liz and Marie are getting the shelves together in the new Annex.

Charlotte, Liz and Pearl at their looms.  Lou Ann is winding a warp.

Sharon and Linda:  book talk???

Carol and Christy:  a little loom research.

Pearl and Peggy helping Shirley.

Barbara and Marilyn helping Lou Ann.

Barbara is an Author!!!

She wrote this story about her Mom's time during WW2:  Silence Means Security.

Now you can see why I'm HAPPY!  What a great place to be every Tuesday!

Happy Weaving!


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