Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Color Coded


  It's that time of year:  let's order more yarn!  The color charts are front and center as folks think about future projects and match the colors they are thinking about.

  Linda has several projects in mind, and she was busy matching colors.  It always helps to have a friend help!




  In the back corner, pink seemed to be the color of the day!  Jocelyn and Betsy look "pretty in pink" as they work on their looms.





   Summer sunshine!  

Pearl is winding her blue warp on the other board while Cheryl winds this four color warp.  Shirley provides motivation!!!!




 Pat and Charlotte have been weaving at home.  Pat used up some 8/4 to weave fabric for bowl cozies.  

  Charlotte had fun with a multicolored warp weaving three different types of placemats.


   Mary has a lot of placemats on the cloth beam!  She's wanting to weave some rugs once we get the warp on the Studio loom.





  Susan cut off her project...her first using two shuttles!  You might remember that this loom came with a warp already on it.  From the part that was already woven, we identified it as Weaver's Fancy from Davison.   



  You can just see a wee bit of Marilyn's friendship towels that she is weaving.  Those are always so much fun!

  Lou Ann cut off her placemat warp this afternoon.  She got the ends serged, an then she'll be ready to hem the six placemats. 




Frieda stopped by after lunch.  She's working on some quilt blocks.


 And, here is what Carol has been working on the last few years!  WOW!


Such talented folks here at the Center!

So much lovely color.....


Happy Weaving!


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