Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The Tale of Ten Rugs


    Pat has been weaving on the old barn loom since Carl stepped down from that bench.  

  Today was the day to cut off this warp of rugs from the loom.



  As you roll off the rugs from the cloth beam, you often wonder if it's a never ending river!



  Ten rugs rolled off the beam and onto the floor!

  It is always a delight to the eye...each one is unique.

  So, Pat will spend this week hemming the rugs getting them ready for the shop.  Some lucky customer will have a beautiful rug for their home!



  Why yes!  We have power tools and we know how to use them!


Marilyn and Shirley are attaching the treadle tracker to the Baby Wolf.



  Patty and Jocelyn take a few minutes to chat.  It looks like their warps are coming along very nicely.





  Cheryl finished winding her warp, and she's ready to chain it off the board.



Now...let's get that warp on the loom!  Carol is always ready to lend a hand.

  Betsy is working on her lovely lime green warp.



  Pearl also finished winding her warp and now it's time to get it on the loom.  The lease sticks are in, and we're ready to go!



Linda has a nice roll of towels on her cloth beam, and those yellow towels look great!



  Mary continues weaving on the placemat warp.  With our fall sale getting closer, those placemats will come in handy!


Thanks to Tina for providing today's pictures while I took care of business.  I miss being with my fiber friends!

Happy Weaving!


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