Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Walk Right In

   It's a folk tune from the '60's performed by the Rooftop Singers.  The message is to "just chill."  That's kinda what we do when we come to weaving on Tuesdays.  Come inside and join the group!


 Jocelyn sends out the memos to the group...an updated list comes in handy!



  Betsy is enjoying watching the play of color as she weaves on this yardage.  

  Just look at the difference!  Same pattern and weft....just different warp colors.

  Bonnie missed a group of threads, so she had to back-track and thread.  Just a little delay!  She'll be ready to wind on soon.


  Carol is checking some color choices on the shelf.

  Shirley is starting on the next scarf on this warp.

  Marilyn has the cutest slippers for running the treadles!  One of her grandkids wanted her to have special ones!!!

  Pearl is already winding her warp for the Blue/Green project.

(We will have a display during the 2022 Convergence in Knoxville.  We are weaving our projects using blue and green.)

    Susan is almost finished with the warp on her loom.  I think she's ready to try something new.

  Patty is trying out different twill weaves on this warp.  Right now she's doing a canvas weave.

   There will be more white placemats for the fall sale.  Mary has this down to a fine art!!!

  Okay, Linda!  What color will you choose for the next towel???

  It was great catching up with Sheri after her time at John C. Campbell.  What a great opportunity!

  Liz is looking for her next project...and what better place to look for 8 shaft patterns than the Strickler book!!!!  And, it just so happens that Marie has done a bunch of these, and has them on her iPad.    What a fun discussion!!!!

Find your happy place.......


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