Tuesday, June 15, 2021

All In A Day's Work



 The Annex Crew got an early start this morning before it got too hot.  Any fiber that was not in a tub has to go to a new home!!!!

  Gloves and masks are a must!!!! 




It already looks 100% better inside.  








  I'm sure that Sheri is wondering about all the bustle going on in the studio.  Today she will be starting her weaving journey (although I think she might already know a little bit about it!)





  Victoria is getting some tips from Charlotte.  (We all step up to help our newer weavers when they have a question.)  Diane will be starting a warp on one of the floor looms next week.




Then it was time for Victoria to take her first warp off of the loom.  That's always such a joy!!!!





  Here's an up close look at Tina's bumberet warp.  She finally has it just the way she wanted it!




  Marie and I got the rakes turned on the Studio loom before lunch.  That means we'll be winding a long warp for some Hollywood rugs!!!!  Mary and Patty will be weaving those.



 Lunchtime is also meeting time.

A big Thank You to Pearl for representing us on the Board.

Hugs go out to Peggy....she broke her arm!!!!  (That might put a damper on her knitting and weaving.)

Thanks to Marie for all the bookkeeping!

Last (but never the least,) Thank You, Carol, for all you do!


Happy Weaving!


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