Tuesday, May 21, 2024

A Colorful Warp

Today we put a colorful 40 yard warp on the Studio rug loom. Last week we chose colors and worked out the threading. Next it is time to get the tension box and yardage counter out! I loaded the tension box with Judith's help since I was having to work around a pole and the back of the loom. We had 14 two inch sections to wind, 2 sections were going to be different so we wound them first. After that we rethreaded the tension box and set to work winding the other 12. While Judith worked the crank of the loom, Samantha was holding the tension box steady and made sure that the yarn didn't tangle.
At the same time Liz, Karin and Shirley were right beside us putting a warp on a baby wolf and Alice was trying to weave! I can tell you we did our best to stay out of each others way! By the end of the day both looms were ready to thread next Tuesday.
While all of that was going on Bonnie was weaving on towels and John Paul was hemming the rugs he took off of the Studio Rug loom last week!
In another part of the room Dana and Jenny were putting a hand dyed bamboo warp on Jenny's loom. As I was leaving today Jenny was already finished threading and had moved on to sleying the reed. In still another part of the room Betsy cut off her towel/wine bottle wrapper warp.
Now for Show and Tell! Betsy showed off the warp she had just cut off her loom, and she also had some childrens scarves that she had recently finished at home. Linda brought in the shawl that she had cut the warp off and taken it home to twist the fringe.
Patty brought in a shawl with a double twist, and Mark brought in some Lunch napkins that he finished this week.
That is it for today! We will have more fun for you next Tuesday, until then this is Tina, for all!

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