Tuesday, May 14, 2024

An Ending and a Beginning

I walked in the door this morning, and John Paul waved for me to come over to his loom. Sure enough, he was at the end of his rug warp, and it was time to cut it off.
He took it off the clothbeam and rolled it out. There were 10 rugs on the beam, Patty had woven 2 of them and John Paul had woven 8.
Judith will be taking over the rug loom for awhile, so we talked over what pattern and colors she wanted to work with. Patty suggested the Anderson Rug pattern from Janet Meaney's Rag Rug book. Judith chose 6 colors and with Karin's Iweaveit program on her ipad we set to work plugging in the pattern first then adding the colors. Since I will be warping sectionally I am trying to make it easy on myself. ( I am still working on the pattern at home this afternoon). Once we confirmed the colors we pulled them from the shelf and loaded them on the spool rack, next week we will probably to a 40 yard warp.
The shawl warp that Patty wound a few weeks ago is underway!
Now for Show and Tell, Laura brought in a tool that she has come across, we don't know what it is so I thought I would put it on the blog to see if any of our readers knows.
Carol brought in a project that she had done in a class. The technique is called "Split Shed Weaving". Mark brought in a stack of fun napkins that he has recently finished.
That is it for now, until next week this is Tina, for all


Leigh said...

Lovely projects (as usual) and thank you for the step-by-step of planning Judith's rug. I have no idea about that tool! Looks like a scraper for something, but I can't imagine what.

Janet said...

As a Rhode Island native I was curious about the item with the "Parkinson, Prov RI" marking. At one time Rhode Island as well as Massachusetts had many textile factories and machine shops. My guess is that the item was used to snip threads in weaving manufacture. If you are interesed in learning more about the Parkinson Company, information may be found at https://www.rihs.org/object-thursday-parkinsons-electric-royal-ice-pick/