Tuesday, May 30, 2023

It is Like Loom Tetris!

 I did my best to get to the Center this morning early so that I could take pictures of the room before the small looms get moved out of their hiding places.

This is what we walk into every Tuesday morning.  I can't even begin to tell you how many looms are in this picture!  Before we leave in the afternoon, the looms have to be back in place behind the white pole.

                                                                                                           The reason being,  the other half of the room has several tables with chairs that the Appalachian Arts Crafts Center uses for all of the many classes that are held during the week.

Aaaah!  That is more like it!  We do have to bob and weave a bit between the looms, but at least you can get an idea of how we manage with so little space.

You can see the tables much better in this picture, and you can also see the table looms that the new students are using while they learn the basics.  These looms are portable, so that the students can take them home to weave between Tuesdays.

I am going to start at the door and work our way around the room.  

Shirley is at the loom and she is working the kinks out of this bright sunny warp.  Marilyn and Linda are deep in conversation.

Marilyn is getting ready to wind this warp onto her loom.

Lou Ann is weaving towels with a black warp and purple weft!

Betsy is weaving beach towels, which is something I want to do,
 so you can be sure I will be taking notes!

Linda is working on table runners,  an all white or all black warp leave lots of room to use different colors in the weft and different patterns as well.

Shannon has a multi thread warp on her loom.   She is making bags with this fabric.

Isn't it wonderful!

Laura is working on Placemats using our favorite "Ellen's Pattern"  named after the Weaving Departments founder Ellen Cane.

Patty is preparing weft for the Hollywood warp pattern that is on her loom.

Jayne too is using Ellen's Pattern for her placemats.

Phyllis is working on her sampler project in baby blue!

Mark has started his challenge project with some of the sock yarn that was donated to the weavers from our dear Sharon's estate.

Ruth will be making towels using the Rosebud trellis pattern she found in the green book.

Susan too is working on towels.  I love how the twill pattern shows up so nicely on this striped warp.

Last, but not least Pat on the old barn loom.  Pat is weaving rugs, the bread and butter of the weaving center.  This time she is using thick grey fabric and a thick and thin weft technique.

I took us in a spiral pattern around the room, starting at the door you can just see behind Pat's head and ending with the old barn loom that sits in the middle of the room.  Did you get dizzy?

All the while, our fearless leader Carol has been making the rounds of the new students and tagging the hand dyed popcorn yarn that they completed on the last dye day, and other items that are ready to go upstairs.

I  know that there were a couple of new weavers I wasn't able to capture on film or if I did the photo just didn't turn out at all!  I'll to better next week for sure!  I promise!

Here is a huge shout out to our dear friend LouAnn, we are thinking about you and love you to pieces!!!

Tina, for all



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Meg said...

Loom Tetris. LOLOL. Every time I see pics of looms set up close to each other, yet each weaver still having ample room to work, I wonder how you folks do it! It's like filling the dishwasher at Thanksgiving!