Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Results of Dye Day


Look carefully at the front of room and you'll see Patty holding up several skeins of finished dyed warps.  (Click to make the picture larger.)  These were done over the weekend by several of our TWs who like to dye.  Patty had been thinking about other patterns she could use.

Her use of color is very inspiring.  I think she had a little fun, too!

  Lou Ann and Pearl took over the spinning of the wet skeins.  The spinners sure make quick work of that heavy wet yarn!

  Should I tell you that Liz fished her finishing weft out of the trash?  She got to the end of placemat and needed a few more inches.  It just so happened that she had pitched some left over weft when she started the last placemat.

  Shari and Joycelyn were busy with their warps.

  This is a picture you WILL want to see bigger!  Marilyn had a picture of her newest Inkle project.  This is her first time using cards to weave her design.

So, how is Betsy going to follow up those beautiful blankets???  Why, BEACH TOWEL, of course!!!!

  Carol put Frieda to work tagging all the items we've produced this month.  It's good to see her today!

I can't say "welcome to our new weaver."  Samatha learned to weave here at the Center until her daughter was born.  That baby is now 25 years old.  Back to weaving we go!!!

  Oh,..remember Liz's placemat???

She had just enough to finish it.  That's 7 placemats!.

I saw you Karin!!!  And, Alyce was there too!  Those are Susan's towels on the loom.

Great day in the studio!

Happy Weaving!


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Judi said...

You all are always an inspiration to me! Every time I read your blog, I smaile!! Keep blogging!