Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Rainy Gray Day


  Leave it to Sharon to brighten up our day with these yummy gingersnaps she baked yesterday!!!  They were just what we needed!

A few other folks brought nibbles for the group, too.  

You just gotta love these weavers!

Judy came by to give the weavers the "once over."  She wasn't sure she wanted to take up a new hobby, but Carol showed how we start new weavers.  Candance is almost ready to bind on her warp.  Judy got to see lots of warps in progress.

  Karen has tied on her warp and is ready to hemstitch.  Since Carol was busy with Judy, Shirley got her started.  Of course, Shirley doesn't hemstitch the same way Carol does!!!!

  Then it was back to her loom for Shirley!  Ruth and Lou Ann were already hard at work!


  Peggy is making great progress on her placemats.  Can't you just see these on the table in a cozy cabin with a fire in the fireplace????  

  Ah, Pearl!  Just a few more threads to go!  (And you see the look she gave me!)


  And this is the look I got from Betsy when I interrupted her!!!!  I think she has named this warp, and I can't print it here.


  Laura and Linda were having a good time, though, in their little corner of the studio.  Laura's table runner is looking great.

  I think Barbara is enjoying weaving these placemats with some fabric for the Annex.  I'm glad we're using it up!!!

  It's a mystery....all the stick shuttles that used to fall out of the cabinet were not to be found.  But, Marie started going through little hidey-holes in the studio.  Guess what she found?????

No rain tomorrow, but still cold temps before we warm up for Thanksgiving.  Stay warm my fiber friends!


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Judi said...

I love reading the adventures of the Tuesday Weavers! This one is no exception to that!!! Now, I'm off to play with my Dorset and a small 7" wide scarf warp I just beamed and tied on yesterday! Happy Weaving to everyone!!