Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Ah-ha! Wishes Do Come True!


  I used to joke that just maybe, one day, our potluck would have ALL desserts!  We came mighty close today!  There were multiple kinds of cookies, brownies, pumpkin cake, coconut pie, apple crisp, sparkling jello and Carl's chocolate cherry cake!  What's wrong with that???

  Okay...we also had bean salad, potato casserole and veggie munchies.  There was more...did I make it that far down the counter?  That fruit salad counts as "real" food, right?

  The next Potluck is our Souper Tuesday the last Tuesday of January.  (Just giving you the heads up!)

  Look who joined us today!  Christy and Pat!  We had so much fun catching up with them.

  Marie got the bar codes on the large stockings, and they were hung with care upstairs in the shop!

  Shirley is all dressed for our Christmas picture.  Marilyn is wearing one her woven bands with trees.   So Merry!!!!

  Jocelyn wins the prize for best headwear!  Doesn't she just scream Merry Christmas!

  These ladies were all busy until Sharon and I interrupted them!  (And we wonder why we don't get a lot of weaving done!!!)

  Christy had fringes to twist this afternoon while Barbara got caught up on messages.

  Shannon and Tina were chatting back and forth as they worked at their looms.

  Lots of red in the studio today!!!




  So sorry Carol and some others couldn't be with us today for our yearly Christmas picture.  But, here is our merry band of weavers!!!!   OH!  I see Carol!  She's wearing one of the new hats!!!!

Happy Weaving!


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