Tuesday, October 26, 2021



  These ladies crack me up!  I told them to look happy, and they burst out laughing!  Patty is busy threading her warp while Jocelyn is just weaving away on her placemats.

Both Lou Ann and Liz are sleying their reeds.  We're making progress!

  Betsy and Barbara are weaving on their beginning warps as Carol offers encouragement and advice.  Sharen is weaving off the warp on the other table loom just in case we get a new student.  That's a yarn donation left on the table for the weavers.  It looks like a lot of wool for any one that interested!

Marie was playing Santa as she handed out the newly ordered heddles for Betsy's loom.  She also found some "clips" that Patty had been looking for.  It's the little things that keep us happy!

  Pat is deep in thought as she creates her newest rug.  She carefully charted out the pattern for the middle of the rug.  Look for more next week!

  Here's a close up of Shirley's new scarf.  The black weft really sets off the colors and the pattern.

  Shirley got some good weaving time in today.  So did Pearl!  We think we found a mistake.......  Is it the threading or the treadling????

  Shirley is also in charge of the snack supplies.  She keeps us stocked up and the supply goes fast after classes during the week.

  Oh, yes!  We had another donation of fiber magazines.  Those stacks were much smaller by the end of the day.  Old issues of Handwoven do not last very long!

  Enjoy your fall days!!!

Happy Weaving!


p.s.  I finished threading the Hollywood Rug warp and started sleying the reed this afternoon!!!!

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