Tuesday, October 12, 2021

It's The Little Things


  Carol always checks in with new weavers to see if they have questions and see where they are in the process.   She also keeps us up to date on what's selling upstairs and encourages us to weave at home.

 Sharen is happy with her multi-colored yarn with this yellow warp.

  I had the perfect shot....but, I didn't take it!  Jocelyn was hanging a weight on a loose warp thread and I waited until she STOOD UP to take the shot!  (Aren't we always adjusting something on the loom???)

  Yeah!  New heddles--inserted eye heddles!!!!

Boo!  Putting them on the harness bars!

Ah, Betsy!  You have so much patience!

  Here's another patient lady:  Mary!  She's waiting for me to finish threading the Hollywood rug pattern so she can weave some rugs.  While she waits, she tied the warp back onto the placemat warp loom, and got the hems serged on the placemats.

  Barbara has the loom threaded, and she's in the process of sleying the reed.  Tie on and you're ready to weave.

Although Barbara was a weaver, it has been awhile since she warped a loom.  (Barbara brought a Navajo rug that she wove in a class to show us!!!!  Fantastic!!!)

  Don't they look like they are UP to something???  Shirley and Marilyn always have a smile on their faces!

  Susan is getting the reed sleyed...almost time to weave!

  Threading and Tie-On!

Bonnie is threading her towel warp while Linda gets ready to weave again after she tied on her warp.  (She's hemming the ones she cut off last week at home.)

  Computers and looms!  The new and the old.

  Marie keeps our books and orders for us while Sharon works on the library list.

(Great for drawdowns, too!)

  Thank you, Tina!  

She has been purging her loom room, and brought in several bags of thread that she need to find a home for.  As you can see, a bunch of weavers took advantage of this!!!!

Gotta love it!!!  Fiber friends ready to help you out!!

Happy Weaving!


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