Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Sunny September


  What a lovely pre-Fall day to drive to the Center!  And, when you walk in, you discover another donation waiting for the weavers on the table!  This time it was t-shirt knit strips that had become tangled into a big blob!  

  Carol, Pat and Margi got busy!

Now....who wants to weave placemats?

Sharen  brought her wrap that she wove at home to twist the fringes.  She has volunteered to weave placemats with the t-shirt strips!  They are going to be so colorful!

  Marilyn is making headway on the friendship towels.  This red one will be great for the fall sale.

  Cheryl's towels are so attractive.  This color combo really catches the eye!

  Liz is ready to wind on her warp for an 8 harness placemat pattern.  She chose a pattern in Strickler, so we'll have to wait to see it develop.

  I wasn't going to interrupt Jocelyn again!  The last I did, she forgot where she was in the pattern!!!

  This looks nice!!!

  Bonnie's warp is sleyed and threaded.  Now...let's wind it on!!!

This will be more friendship towels.

  Susan is winding a multi-colored warp.  There are a bunch of color changes...those cones are on the floor in front of her.

  I caught Betsy mid-catch!  She's nearing the end of this warp, which will be bowl cozys.

  Talk about mid-catch!!!

  Patty cut off her towel warp, and doesn't she look excited!!!!

              That's TEN towels!!!!!!

   Linda had a library meeting, but joined us at lunch.  Those towels are looking great!

  Catch that shuttle!!!  Laura is weaving the hem on her placemat before she starts the five color weft.

  All fiber all the time.

I'm not sure here who is the teacher and who is the pupil.  Linda told me she took a class 40 years ago....maybe this is a refresher course.

The ladies finished untangling the strips, and now they are ready for a weaver to take over!  Stay tuned...

Happy Weaving Fiber Friends!!!


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Meg said...

I do love your blog. Always so friendly, so cheerful. Bring on the cooler season and indoor time.