Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Go Ahead....Make A Plan!!!


   My plan was to help Marie wind on that warp today.  But, a deck screw in the road that found my rear tire had other ideas!  So, while I got it fixed, Tina stepped in to help wind on 30 yards on the Studio loom.

  Big thanks to Pearl, Betsy and Tina for sending pictures for the blog....and sending along information.

  Since the Studio loom has a round warp beam, the box had to go on the castle of the loom.  This warp is for Hollywood rugs from the Rag Rug book.

  It looks like Lou Ann has stuck to her plan:  get that towel warp threaded!

  Laura has a trip planned for later this month, so she has been weaving like crazy to get more placemats done before she leaves.

  Don't you just hate it when you have a thread that doesn't play nice!!!  I'm sure Shirley has a plan to get it back in place!

  Another rug warp getting threaded!  Susan has been planning her blue jean rugs for awhile.

  Last week, Pat and I talked about doing a three color clasp weft....and it looks like she has it figured out!!!!!   You can just glimpse the tan on the far right.

  Carol REALLY had a plan!  She has finished another quilt for some lucky person!!!

I missed my fiber friends today....but, I'm planning on next week!

Happy Weaving


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