Tuesday, November 24, 2020



Barbara, Shirley and Lou Ann

  I am really thankful for my fiber friends!

  Liz's sister, Barbara, was visiting us today, and went right to work helping Lou Ann wind on her six yard warp.  

  We had quite a discussion about using paper as a warp separator vs. using sticks.  (To each their own!) 





Yes, another Tuesday morning where we are greeted by a donation from someone's stash.  Carol sorted through the assortment pulling out the ones that could be used for rugs or placemats. 

(See that red check fabric?  It came home with me!)




  I'm very thankful for the weavers who came before us!  

  Betsy is using a draft from Strickler's book that has several treadlings.  I really like this one!!! 

  That book, along with so many others, are springboards for our creativity.





Finished projects!


  It's always a good feeling to finish a project.  Liz cut off her warp of two scarves this afternoon.  Now it's time to twist those fringes!



Liz, Barbara, Lou Ann and Carol

   I am so thankful for mild weather at the end of November!!!!!  We were able to enjoy the afternoon sunshine, and each other's company.

Marie and Shirley

     A light jacket or shawl came in very handy.


    Have a warm, safe Thanksgiving, my fiber friends.  We are thankful for you, too!


Happy Weaving!


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