Tuesday, November 3, 2020

First Tuesday of November


  Some things never change...placemats come off the loom, and it's time to serge the hems.  Carol took over that job with the ones Patty cut off her loom.

  You'll notice Carol's copy of Tommye Scanlin's new book, The Nature of Things, on the table.  Carol brought it to share with us today, and told each of us to look on page 11.   It's a picture taken here at the Center when Tommye taught a class a few years ago.

  You can read more about Tommye's book on her blog:  Works In Progress.  It's listed on the right hand panel on this blog. 


   Shirley got busy counting heddles as she prepares to start a project on the Mighty Wolf.

Will she choose an eight shaft pattern???

We'll have to wait and see......





Marie was ready to be back at the loom today....now where in the pattern are you????

We're just glad to have Marie back and super happy that her hubby is home from the hospital.




  Liz's chenille scarf is weaving up nicely.  The colors are having a party as she weaves!!!!






Mary is off and running....weaving on her white placemat warp.  She's going to do a set of white on white to begin with.   

  It will be fun to see what she does after that.




  Right now it's a tone on tone towel, but Betsy will be switching to blue weft.  That will show up so much better in a photo!



 What are you pondering, Patty????


Ah, yes.....you need to re-sley your reed, right???

 We'll brainstorm ideas for the panels you wove....I like your idea of turning the placemats.  You might have started a new fad!




  Linda has started this towel in a heathered blue.  I'll get a close up picture next week.  This is #82 in Strickler's A Weaver's Book of 8 Shaft Patterns.  

  Isn't it fun to try out new patterns!!!!



  You can see Marilyn's placemat take shape!  

She's using five strands of 8/4 for the weft.






  Gina has conquered hemstitching!!!!  Carol is so proud of her newest student!  

  Gina has declared that she LOVES weaving!  Guess she's one of us!!!!


   The wind was chilly but the sun was warm.  Another lunch outside!!!

If this had been a normal year, we would be getting ready for the Fall Foothills show today.  


Since we aren't doing as much production weaving, Pat has been trying some weave structures at home.


Boundweave has lots of possibilities!!!!  






      Pat also decided to tackle another embroidery project using the fall leaves in her yard. 

  Great job, Pat!

Shout out to Tina:  get well soon!


Stay safe, fiber friends!

Wear those masks and keep social distance!

Happy Weaving!


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