Tuesday, July 7, 2020


  When do you think we will return to normal?  What IS normal.....

  Today we had a little more normal....Jocelyn came to weave on her towel warp!  It is so good to see her...it's been awhile!  Of course we had a lot of catching up to do!

   And, we were glad Betsy made the drive to the Center today.  She's still winding on the towel warp on the Macomber.    She is very meticulous!

   Mary is almost through threading the placemat warp on the Leclerc.  We have been selling a few items up in the shop, so it will be great to have new placemats on the rack.

  Tina dropped by to take a look at the brackets on the Pup.  They had gotten out of their holder, but they weren't bent!  Yeah!!!  She got them back in the right track very quickly.

  Marilyn did a little house cleaning around her loom and found these bundles of heddles.  Where do they belong?  As it works out, they are for one of the Macomber looms.  Mystery solved!
  She brought this band her grandson wove to show us.  This is his first attempt at pick-up weaving on the Inkle loom!  WOW!
  He has a very good teacher!

  Marie just finished some towels at home.  We all loved the stripe towel from Handwoven, January-February 2020.  I passed right over it in the magazine, but I love Marie's towel.

  It looks like Patty has finished the yardage for the next walker bag.  The last one sold upstairs, so maybe she'll go ahead and weave another one!

   Just like Cinderella, Liz's time at the Center is going quickly.  She'll be turning back into a teacher soon, so weave quickly!!!!
  Carol is amazed how fast Liz caught on to hemstitching....and she's fast, too!

Stay safe out there, fiber friends.
We will return to "normal".........


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