Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Elf On A....LOOM!!!!

  By the time our wee visitor arrived, Carl and Pat's rugs were already rolled out on the floor.  There were NINE rugs on the cloth beam, and now it's time to tie the fringes!


Thank goodness Liz knew we'd need goodies to get us through all that work!  Thank you, Liz!

  And, what is Christmas without some gingerbread cupcakes!!!!  Thanks, Sharon!  That's exactly what we needed!

  Then it was time for the Elf to check out the looms....what DO we do every Tuesday????

Love this doubleweave!

Can you ride on the tension box?  Sixty yards....really??

 Look at all these lovely white placemats!

Hey!  An Ashford table loom!  Must be weaving basket weave!

Can you play these threads like a harp???

Wow!  Love the colors in this shawl!!!!


Another beautiful scarf!

That's Ellen's pattern!  It's great for placemats!

"Hey!  I'm just admiring your lovely scarf!"

Where's Bonnie?  I like this design!

Is that hemstitching???  Looks hard!

Oh, Ms. Ila!  You're ready to start weaving again!

These placemats are looking good, Carl!

You really shouldn't play on a raddle!!!  It's not safe!

I like the new colors, Mary!

This will make some great soup cozys, Anna!!!!

Is this another placemat warp?  Carol said we needed some!

Oh, Betsy!  This is nice!

Hey, Shirley!  I'm hiding in your loom!  But, I have to report back to the boss, so I won't get to see you!

  I can officially say that the Tuesday Weavers are doing a great job!

Happy Weaving!
Elf on a Loom 


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