Tuesday, December 3, 2019


  Carl is turning 94 on Friday....so we just had to celebrate a little early!  Carl brings so much joy to our group of weavers, and we wanted to celebrate his special day.  Happy Birthday!!!!

   If chocolate cherry cake wasn't enough for you, Sharon brought some "Brookies" for us to sample.  (That's a brownie layer topped by chocolate chip cookie dough!)  You might even say that it was a little bit healthy:  pumpkin was used in the brownie dough!!!!

  Jocelyn's towel warp is having some tension issues again!  Time to go home and we'll deal with it next week!!!

  Susan is really catching on to this weaving thing!  Carol reported that her hemstitching is fantastic, and her selvedges are looking great!!!!

   Liz has started another scarf on her dyed warp.  She was hemstitching when I stopped by.


  There's always time for conversations and catching up with each other!!!!!


 This is Frieda's latest project on her Inkle loom.  She makes coin purses with her Inkle bands.  She matched her colors to the batik fabric she'll be using.

Do your socks match your warp? 

Pearl and Peggy model their matching pairs!

  Sometimes they are just for fun!

   And, sometimes, they are just a statement.
  Hey, Sharon!  I bet you have a pair just like that at home!!!!!

Everyday with the Weavers is a CELEBRATION!!!

Happy Weaving!

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