Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's A Sewing Machine

That is one of the reasons I demonstrate weaving at the museum!!!

  Yesterday I was at the Museum of Appalachia when a group of third graders came through.  I realize that most homes do NOT have looms in them (which I think is sad) but, to think that this could be confused with a sewing machine is really beyond me!  Of course, it's all about the fiber, right?

  I spent most of the day winding on the new warp and talking to visitors.

  Vickie and Steve were visiting from North Carolina.  They volunteer at an 1850's homestead, and she had lots of questions about the rocker loom.  It was lots of fun talking to another weaver about old looms.

The hand weights came in very handy keeping tension on the bouts while I cranked the warp beam.  The warp went on very smoothly.

One of the children asked me what the pink things were....I had to explain that they weren't old, just hand weights I picked up at Walmart.  But, that gave me the opportunity to talk about keeping the warp threads under tension and all in a row.  That's just like walking in a line when you're going from one place to another at get where you're going in an orderly fashion.
  I got to thinking later....when was the first time you saw someone weaving on a loom?   I weave because I enjoy weaving...not because I have to produce cloth for my family.  I hope we always have folks around to keep this art alive.

Happy Weaving!  Spread the love!


Rachel Berry said...

I have had the same experience when demonstrating spinning! And the strange comments come from all age groups too!I can't remember the first time I saw a loom, maybe it was only in my spinning class, but it didn't seem strange to me at all. I'm the only member of my family who spins and weaves that I am aware of. I put my love for these crafts down to family genes - there must have been a weaver or two in my past!!!

Bonnie said...

How wonderful, LouAnn. All that teacher instinct coming out. Glad that you can share you knowledge and fun of weaving.

Tina J said...

I wondered how you were going to get that warp on without me! Good for you! I know how much we love to be at the Museum, keeping those lost arts alive!