Tuesday, June 18, 2024

From Far Away!

This week I am far away on vacation with some kids and grandkids, but they said that I could'nt get off of blog duty! I have brought some spinning projects and some knitting. Today our field trip was to the Aquarium in Charleston.
Back in TN, Roz is back and she brought her daughter Brooke!
Karin is at the loom today, Shelley and Judith are washing warps and skeins for Dye Day this Thursday and Friday, and Susan is hard at work on another wool scarf.
Phyllis is busy winding a warp, Jenny is weaving on her shawl and Pearl is looking at a new warp (I think)
Beside Pearl, Patty is winding on a new warp, and on the table looms Erin and her Mother are hard at work.
Mark is at his loom weaving placemats and Judith is threading her warp through the reed, Carol and Shirley are at the serger with Shirley's towels. On the other side of the room, Betsy is winding the last section of her warp and Roz is getting a warp on her floor loom!
For Show and Tell, Linda brought in some towels she has finished, Patty and Pearl did a fashion show of their 1 twist shawls. Judith did her own fashion show on a woven jacket and Mark showed off another colorful towel!
That is all I have for you today, I am off to the beach for an evening walk! I'll catch up you next week, until then this is Tina for all!

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